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Ocular Health and Eyecare The Eyecare Trust is a registered charity that exists to raise awareness of all aspects of ocular health and the importance of regular eyecare. It does this by providing accurate, unbiased information to the public and the media. Trustees include leading optometrists and representatives of the most eminent British ophthalmic institutions.
Low Vision For people with low vision the RNIB website has useful advice for maximising your vision in the home.


Low vision and computers If you are thinking of buying a computer for your home and wish some useful advice before doing so, the RNIB has a factsheet on the topic.


Eye Conditions The RNIB website has an excellent reference section covering a large variety of eye conditions.


Macular Degeneration The Macular Disease Society has its own website and can provide support if you have this condition.


Blind/partially sighted assistance Action for Blind People is a national UK charity which aims to enable blind and partially sighted people to enjoy equal opportunities in every aspect of their lives through work, leisure, housing and support.


Recycling old spectacles Find out more about what happens to old spectacles sent to Vision Aid Overseas.


VDU's and eyecare For Health and Safety Executive advice on VDU's check the HSE website.