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NEW Magnifiers page under construction...should be available by the end of February 2006.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Contact us for questions meantime by email or phone


[Item Image] 5203: 81mm 3x/8D Bi-Aspheric.

5204: 80mm 4x/12D Bi-Aspheric.

5206: 50mm 6x/20D Bi-Aspheric.

5215: 96x71mm 1.7x/2.8D Bi-Aspheric.

5216: 96x71mm 2.3x/5.2D Bi-Aspheric
[Item Image] COIL 'Easiview' Round the Neck Mag

The CTP Coil 5820 is a popular chest
magnifier, suitable for Knitting, sewing and
other hands-free tasks.

[Item Image] A range of battery illuminated hand/pocket
magnifiers with aspheric lenses.

Eschenbach 'Mobilux' Illuminated Mags.

1510/2: 60mm 3x/12.0D
1510/3: 75x50mm 3.5x/10.0D
1510/4: 35mm 4x/16.0D
1510/5: 58mm 5x/20.0D
1510/7: 35mm 7x/28.0D
1510/10: 35mm 10x/38.0D
1510/12: 35mm 12.5x/50.0D

Supplied complete with batteries (2 x AA)

[Item Image] Compact & lightweight. Bi-Aspheric lenses
Pre-focused tungsten bulb powered by two
AA size batteries. With soft pouch.

COIL 'Mobile' Pocket Illuminated Mags

5270: 44mm 3x/8D
5146: 45mm 5x/16D
5147: 42mm 7x/24D
5148: 40mm 9x/32D
5271: 40mm 11x/40D

5147/11 2.5v/0.25a replacement bulbs (pack of 10)

[Item Image] Pocket illuminated magnifiers

RS7501 Lumagny Squareview Slimline Illuminated magnifier 2x 40x40mm
RS7502 Lumagny Squareview Pocket Illuminated Magnifier 3x 30x30mm
RS7500B Replacement Bulbs for Lumagny Illuminated Magnifiers