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Speelling diffictulies!?

 Two genuine address labels on mail which has arrived at the practice recently:

"G A Henderson, 3 Sir or Madam George's Street, Thurso"

"G A Henderson, Optometeritcts, 3 Sir George's Street, Thurso"


Another good one received this week!   An order for goods telephoned down by Sherryl came back addressed to "Sharoyl". 

Hmm....any relation to Olive Oyl?


Unusual Patient?

Kim wearing a new pair of sunglasses - need some adjustment I think!


  Normally our patients are much less hairy than this, but who could resist  including this photograph! Thanks for agreeing to be on our website, Kim! 



Woody Allen, the famous American director/actor has just made a new film about "hysterical blindness".  One critic recently reviewed it and pronounced "Woody Allen's films just get cornea and cornea..."

A leopard went to see an optometrist because he thought he needed an eye examination. "Every time I look at my wife," he worriedly told the
optometrist, "I see spots before my eyes."
"So what's to worry about?" replied the doctor. "You're a leopard,
aren't you?"
"What's that got to do with anything?" replied the patient. "My wife is
a zebra."

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