Contact Lenses
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News Alert....Daysoft uv one-day disposable contact lenses are now available in a wider range of powers.  See our Eye on the News page for more information....


bulletThanks to new designs and material, modern contact lenses are very affordable and comfortable.  These days they usually cost no more than a pair of glasses and you will soon forget you are even wearing them.
bulletContact lenses give you the freedom to see - and be seen - without spectacles.  They offer you excellent all round vision and don't hide your eyes like glasses sometimes do.  In fact many people feel they look more natural wearing contact lenses.
bulletFurthermore they do not slide down your nose, mist up or get in the way when you play sports.  And the latest daily disposable lenses are even more convenient for today's busy lifestyles.
bulletOur practice has a wide range of soft and gas permeable lenses.  Although not everyone is suitable to wear contact lenses, we are likely to have a design that is right for your eyes, lifestyle and budget.
bulletThe choice includes disposable lenses which you simply throw away after they have been worn once.  These are very convenient as you do not needs special lens care solutions to clean and store them.  They are also ideal for sports and occasional wear when glasses are not appropriate.
bulletWe offer contact lenses for people with astigmatism (an irregular shaped eye) and presbyopia (which requires both reading and distance vision correction).  
bulletRegular replacement of contact lenses is necessary to maintain comfortable wear, good vision and healthy eyes.  How often you should do this depends on a combination of factors, particularly your eyes and the material of the lens.  It is important to visit our contact lens practitioner for regular check-ups and to replace your lenses at the recommended time.  These days most people wear daily or monthly disposable soft lenses.
bulletUnless you wear daily disposables, it is essential to clean and disinfect your contact lenses every day to ensure clear vision and healthy eyes.  There are now many different lens care solutions available and the best one for you will depend on your lens type, the replacement frequency and your eyes themselves.  Our staff will give you all the advice you need on looking after your lenses and can provide you with the most suitable solutions.

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