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Strictly No Adults allowed!    Just For Fun


We have a great selection of frames for kids of all ages.

Your NHS voucher will pay for most of the frames we have in stock for children, but if you're after something a bit different, there are two more ranges that might just interest you.

Firstly there's the Harry Potter range, stylish and very distinctive, with the sort of case that grown ups will be very jealous of!  These frames cost an extra 45 on top of the NHS voucher value.

Then there's a new range just in which is only 25 more than the voucher value, as they have an innovative new design that allows the sides to flex through 180 degrees, or in other words the sides can be bent in a straight line.

Take a look next time you're in for your regular check.

Meanwhile here's a "cool illusion" - watch the centre cross - see the green light whirling round?

Now watch the green spot as it goes round's not green, it's pink!